Certification Courses


This program is designed for the students who want to enter into the VFX field. The program starts with the basic understanding of Computer Graphics. We then expose students to a layer based and node based Compositing software. Students learn all the areas of Compositing such as Rotoscopy, Color Correction, Paint, Wire Removal and Tracking etc.

Program in Graphics design

Web Design is a combination of text, images, designs & illustration in a presentable layout for print. It has a wide area of requirement like design for art, illustration, advertising, photography, image editing, newspaper, magazines, displays etc to name a few. Our course caters to all different forms of print related activities, where a student learns from basics till the advance forms of Web Designs. In this course we cover the world's best printing tools and technologies with a strong focus on design.

Program in Web design

Web designing typically includes a combination of text, images, animation, audio video & other interactive forms of media, embedded in the presentable form for web / internet. This program exposes you to the art & technology of creating web templates, web banners, static as well as interactive flash web pages and animated e-presentations.

Program in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. While this term covers a wide range of marketing activities. This course deals with types of digital marketing & important terminologies, web advertising and fundamental components, Google Adword & account setup, search engines and marketing, SEM in modern business, display advertising, e-mail marketing, mobile marketing, social Media Strategy, Google Analytics etc.

Program in Digital Photography

Digital Photography is where the image is exposed, captured and stored electronically rather than on film. Student will learn about detailed digital photography, range and exposures, lenses and optics, techniques and styles, composition and learning how to see, lighting techniques, depth of field and aperture control, learning Photoshop and light room to edit the photographs, blending art and photography, Color Management and Printing. This course is useful for anyone who wants to learn it as hobby or career in photography.