Success Stories

"I feel extremely proud to be associated with the ZICA, a part of Zee Learn Limited, and one of the leading education providers in India. The relationship with ZICA is more of a partner who is willing to compromise and work together. During my association of over 2 years, I have found ZICA Team ready and willing to cooperate on the issues concerning successful running of the institute. I have garnered tremendous knowledge of the business practices from the team and have always found a willing listener of recommendations put forth by the associates.

ZICA being family of Zee Network Group has superior market acceptability when compared with our competitors. Moreover, the education contents provided to students is practical and can be utilized in the real world. Our students who have completed our program have felt more confident of their abilities and are able to command a premium for their education background. We know and feel that a business association with ZICA is worth the investment and is the right opportunity to encash the ZICA brand value.

My message to prospective business partners is that providing Education is like any business where brand plays an important role. We must associate ourselves with the brand which has the widest reach amongst masses and is able to provide the most cost effective education in today's competitive environment. With hard work and commitment from all partners; ZICA brand will successfully lead the education industry in the 21st century and provide leaders to the growing animation industry. "

Anil Kakar, Business Partner, Noida