The Opportunity

Over All Industry Size (INR Billion) 2010 2011 2011 over 2010 2012P 2013P 2014P 2015P 2016P CAGR (2011-2016)
Animation & Visual Effects 23.6 31 31.20% 36.3 43 51.1 61 69 17%
Gaming 10 13 30% 18 23 29 37 46 29%
Source: FICCI-KPMG Report 2012

Animation is an intense mix of high creativity and hard labour. Behind every frame and each detail is a dedicated team of specialists who model, structure, colour, texture, design and dialogue the characters.

India's role as a significant destination for outsourcing including animation is a fact. Technical expertise, robust telecom infrastructure, English speaking, Web Designers and relatively low cost of operations are the biggest advantage for Indian companies. Some elements of production for blockbuster films like Avatar, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Spiderman 3 have taken place in India during the last few years.

At present, many Indian companies are graduating from traditional outsourcing to the co-production model; the animation film Alpha and Omega being a case in point. Indian Animation Companies have seen success for Indian Animated Shows both in India & International Markets.

In the recent past Indian Film Industry has released films which relied heavily on Visual Effects to tell their story in mainstream Indian cinema, that number is significantly increasing - Robot, Ra-One and Don 2 are some recent examples. Although the Visual Effects market in India is still at its nascent stage and there is a lot of scope and opportunity for growth in this market, both in terms of the quality of work and the amount of work being delivered. There is no dearth of competency – Indian companies have worked on Oscar-winning movies like The King's Speech and the BBC TV Series - The Deep.

India has a large talent pool of creative youth interested in art and culture but most are either unaware of the industry as a career option.