Bachelors Degree

B.Sc in Animation & Visual Effects

This Course provides complete knowledge on 2D Classical & Digital, 3D Animation & Visual effects. The first semester covers fundamentals of art and design. The second semester includes 2D classical and digital animation. The third semester covers all the elements of 3D Animation, so that the student is capable of developing 3D short films. In the fourth semester the student is exposed to a detailed curriculum of visual effects. In the fifth semester the student chooses any one from 4 specializations offered and learns the advance features of that selected module. In the sixth semester the student builds his portfolio in this selected module.

B.Sc in Animation Film Making

This course is specially made for the aspiring candidates who want to build their career in the field of Animation, providing in-depth knowledge about classical and digital animation. This course provides students with confidence to face the animation industry head on.